Why Can’t I change?

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Do you ever ask yourself that question? Sometimes I ask myself daily. The truth is, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fall apart by the second week of February. So do resolutions work?

Maybe we need to stop something vs start something. Have you ever thought about it this way? As I took notes this sunday morning I found myself asking that outloud later when I was writing. I am a starter my nature! Sometimes I start TOO many things…. anyone else feel that way? Maybe I should just start stopping.

Craig Groeschel said it this way; “choose what we want most over what we want now”. Really? I mean isn’t what we want most urgent? and if we can get that done then we can have more to do. What a cycle.

Don’t rationalize away the thrill of bringing your best because you choose to do more. If you are going to run, run to win and do it with purpose. This may mean more to me than it does you. In essence, choose the ONE most important thing that will move you toward your passion. Usually our passion is a a life time of work not something we need to see completed tomorrow, next week, next month or this year.

So thought on why we don’t change:

  • We have adopted the theology of “trying”
  • We need to stop “trying” and start “training” (see this as an athlete views winning)
  • Trying never achieves consistent results but training does.
  • Trying never achieves consistent results
  • Trying is an attempt to change with a minimum commitment.
  • Trying implies you plan to fail…. hmmmm.
  • When you are trying, you quit when you don’t feel like it.

Do you see the common thread? My kids will tell you that we did not use the word try in our home. They are in their 30s and still talk about that today. Why? Trying informs the mind that we can’t do something yet, therefore, we may get tricked into thinking we can’t do it at all. Make it purposeful to change that word in your vocabulary.

So create disciplines in your life that support change! One way to do this is to create daily disciplines that support the best version of yourself. It could be that you need help finding what the best version is. It is not perfection it is small disciplines one at a time.

I will end this with the note I wrote to myself: I am in training for whatever God already said I am……

What is one thing you can stop that will support one small change over time?

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It’s time you HAVE what you want in life and business… so choose to BECOME¬† who you need to be to DO what you want to do!

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