Invitation to Lead…

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It starts today with a choice. We have been “called” to lead others. Whether you believe you are, or not, you are chosen to be followed by someone. We were created as human beings who possess spirits and the capacity to relate to others as no one else can. We were created with our own unique abilities to connect in ways that no one else can.

The call to leadership is a consistent pattern whether we are aware or not. Think of the leaders that you recognize in your life today. Think of those leaders that spiritually led teams and countries into victory hundreds of thousands of years ago. What made them different than you? Would it be that they were just like you and that their unique spirit was called to say yes to a decision that they hadn’t planned on? Could it be that they were just aware that the actions they took, the words they spoke or even one random act of kindness that just seemed “natural” to them changed the world?

Every time something great happens a leader has stepped forward. They have said “yes” to an invitation. What will it take for you to step forward and hear the call? Take advantage of the calling you are in right now. You could be a spouse, a parent, a teacher, a mentor, a neighbor or friend…. leadership is “influence” nothing more and nothing less (John Maxwell). What is the universe telling you today?

Call-to-Action Section Headline

It’s time you HAVE what you want in life and business… so choose to BECOME¬† who you need to be to DO what you want to do!

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