About Terrie Foster Nowland

Business Woman, Mentor, Wife,Mom, Grandma, Legacy Builder, Coach & Trainer

About Terrie

It started in 1983 when I determined that I was not built to be an elementary education teacher and obtained my Real Estate Credentials.  Married the year before and choosing a career that fit what I thought would provide me the time and freedom for my dreams ahead.   

Dreams, what is that really?  I was a young woman not certain that I really knew how to dream.  Freedom?  I received that and yet fell back into a time where I was handcuffed by many circumstances, relationships and roles.

I went from being a real estate broker, to a manager,  to leader of the largest female independent brokerage firm.   The next step was opening and building to one of the largest real estate franchise offices in our area.  Finding myself with an education that equals multiple masters degrees, giving many hours of my waking day to a job that would lead toward my current position and then on to Coaching Leaders and training across the country and the dream of success.

With that comes the personal and relational side of ups and downs.  We all carry a story.  Mine is one of dealing with baggage and hidden struggles from the past and present.   Finding the drive and grit to allow my own belief system to get out of the way to a bigger system of beliefs and values.  To discovering who I am as a woman, leader, wife, mom and grandma.  Also, finding the real meaning of my spirituality, my relationship with money and even more my physical self.

It all started with many mentors of course, the key, however, was my coach.  I am a learning based individual, always seeking a higher knowledge.   For individuals that are always searching, they need someone that will help them “sort”.    We are all mentors and leaders whether we believe we are or not according to John Maxwell.  Good or bad.  Right or wrong.  Every story penned in our life is a paragraph for someone else to learn from.   Thank you to those that have gone before me and thank you to the coaches in my life that have helped me “see” the world bigger.  That journey really began in 2009.  Today, I can see the result of getting internal and forgiving many areas of my life. 

I am certain you have read this and felt a connection.  It can start for you too on the day you choose for it to begin.  Life can begin new each day, with a new set of perspectives and beliefs.  It starts with how you see yourself and how you feel about the future you.  If you are ready to start a journey much like this or something you read has perked something in your heart and soul, please read more and reach out.  Today is the day to get the LIFE you dream of!!!


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